Town of Linden Shop and Hall Building

Board Meeting Agenda, August, 2024

The August meeting will be August 14th.  Brandon Davis will be present for information, discussion and questions from the public

Brandon Davis with Invenergy’s Badger Hollow Wind Project. I have attended your townships meetings in the past, where I have provided information on our Project and company and have discussed our interest in executing a local operating contract with your township. As a recap and update, Badger Hollow Wind is a proposed Wind Project ranging from 100 to 117.8 Megawatts that will provide an estimated $500,000 annually to Iowa and Grant Counties, providing support for fire/EMS, local infrastructure, community services, and schools.

Currently, we are anticipating building 17 to 19 turbines, each at 6.2-Megawatt capacity. To improve communication, coordination, and assurances for your township from our Project, we are looking to execute a Local Operating Contract which has now been completed and attached to this email.